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Frank Vondersaar is a political prisoner of the Bush regime, living in Homer, Ak.

Anti-Fascist, Pro-Jobs, Pro-Privacy, & Anti-Corruption


Kokomo High School, 1965-1968, H.S. Diploma

Purdue Univ., 1968-1972, B.S. Engineering Science

USAF Institute of Technology, M.S. Nuclear Engineering

Air Command and Staff College, 1984-1985, Certificate

Troy State Univ., 1984-1985, MBA

Univ. of Dayton, 1986-1989, JD

Military Service:

US Air Force, 1972-until purged in 1985, Major. Defense Meritorious Service,

Air Force Meritorious Service, Air Force Commendation, etc.

The current pseudo-theocratic, fascist criminal, secret police state, plutocracy must be reformed. Below are some of my positions.

Anti-Fascist - Civil rights must be restored, torture and other abuses by the military, secret police and intelligence agencies stopped and punitive use of the mental health system eliminated.

Pro-Privacy - Illegal spying on U.S. citizens must be eliminated, reproductive choice protected, and separation of church and state enforced.

Pro-Jobs - Diversify Alaska's economy, ensure benefits from natural resources are shared by all Alaskans, reform the health care system, fund education and planning.

Anti-Corruption - Return to one-person, one-vote system from currentone-dollar, one-vote system, establish public financing of elections, and eliminate current culture of corruption.

Additionally, federal judges and justices must be appointed and confirmed based on merit, not fascist ideology and connections. The wealthy must pay their fair share for use of the U.S. infrastructure. Welfare forcorporations and the wealthy must be eliminated and the national debt reduced. Wasting money and lives on a war based on lies must not be
repeated, and the current one must be ended expeditiously.

      Instead of acting as a check and balance against executive branch abuse of power, this fascist led Congress is competing to see if they can abuse power worse than the Cheney-Bush regime. The Nixon tapes were only uncovered because of Congressional hearings. Instead of issuing subpoenas to investigate warrantless surveillance of US citizens, outing CIA agents for political gain, lying to start the Iraq war, failing to prevent the 9-11 attacks, and other numerous crimes of Dick, Dumbya and other lying fascist criminals at the top of the executive branch, this Congress has been busy selling out to lobyists and special interests, cutting taxes for the richest and screwing the poorest and most powerless.
    If Abe Lincoln was correct that you can't fool all of the people all of the time, Don Young, Ted Stevens and Frank Murkowski, to name just a few, will soon be removed from power and hopefully indicted.

Apr. 06

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Thank you for your support!

Frank Vondersaar
1740 Saltwater Dr.
Homer, AK 99603
E-mail: vondersaar@

"All that is required for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing"  E. Burke