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Frank is a lawyer, engineer and political prisoner. He has lived in Homer, Alaska since 1989. He served in the US Air Force from 1972 until being illegally purged in 1986.

October 4, 1950
Kokomo, Ind.

Children: Sarah
Occupation: Lawyer and Engineer
LOR: 28yr
Homer 1986-2006
Anchorage 1982-1984
Homer 1978-1986 (except schooling and USAF active duty)

Kokomo High School, 1965-1968, H.S. Diploma
Purdue Univ., 1968-1972, B.S. Engineering Science
USAF Institute of Technology, M.S. Nuclear Engineering
Air Command and Staff College, 1984-1985, Certificate
Troy State Univ., 1984-1985, MBA
Univ. of Dayton, 1986-1989, JD

Military Service:
US Air Force, 1972-until purged in 1985, Major. Defense Meritorious Service,
Air Force Meritorious Service, Air Force Commendation, etc.

Political and Government Positions:
Political prisoner of the U.S., CERT

Business and Professional Positions:
Lawyer and Professional Engineer in Homer since 1989.
Commercial Pilot and Flight Instructor prior to 1986.
Salvation Army employee since 2005.

Service Organization(s) Membership:
Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), KBBI Public Radio Board, Friends
of Homer Public Library, Alaska Bar Assoc., Seaplane Pilots Assoc.

Special Interests:
Anti-fascism, aviation, intelligence, military, amateur and public radio,
technology, human rights.

Illegally purged from USAF in 1986.

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 The lying fascist criminals at the top of the Bush regime have been caught in the act of committing yet another crime. The Bush regime has intercepted multi-millions of phone calls, emails and bank transactions, illegally without warrants, using the National Security Agency (NSA). Judge James Robertson of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), secret, rubber stamp, federal court, resigned in protest when he learned of the Bush regime’s crimes.
  The FISA court has denied only 4 out of about 20,000 warrant requests in the last 20 years. So why didn’t the Bush regime get warrants instead of breaking the law?  Presumably, George Dumbya didn’t want Americans to know the extent of the surveillance. Instead of 1000 people being targeted per year, the Cheney-Bush regime has targeted millions or tens of millions of Americans. 
 As demonstrated by the Bush regime’s abysmal failure to prevent the 9-11 attacks, good intelligence ANALYSIS, NOT massive illegal domestic raw intelligence COLLECTION, is the key to defeating terrorism. Illegally targeting millions of Americans with NSA surveillance is designed to terrorize political opponents and silence anti-fascist dissent in the U.S. Like confirming another fascist prostitute Supreme Court justice, this illegal surveillance program is just another tool in the Cheney-Bush regime’s War on the Constitution, Democracy and Privacy.




    For the last thirty years the three fascist stooges in Alaska's congressional delegation have ignored the needs of of Alaskans, wasted tax dollars on stupid projects and schemes and helped take away rights guaranteed by the Constitution and Bill of Rights.
    "Moe" Stevens, "Larry" Young and "Curly" Murkowski have mis-represented Alaskans in Congress, until Curly bought and lied his way into the governors mansion and appointed his daughter Shemp to replace him in the Senate.
    During the thirty years these three fascist stooges have been in Congress, Alaska has been a leader in per-capita suicides, child abuse, unemployment and people without health care coverage. Instead of addressing these problems, the stooges have wasted billions of our tax dollars on useless, counterproductive projects like National Missile Defense, the Boeing tanker aircraft lease deal, bridges to nowhere, and the Iraq invasion. They have destroyed our rights by passing the sadly mis-named Patriot Act and supporting the confirmation of fascist criminal prostitute judges and justices to the Federal Courts.
    Your vote in November can help remove two of Alaska's three fascist stooges, and help bring freedom and democracy back to Alaska and the U.S. Under Dick Cheney, George "Dumbya" and their Bush-league fascist criminal regime, and with the support of Alaska's three fascist stooges, the world has come to believe the motto is Truth, Justice OR the American Way. Under President Kerry, with support from a new Senator and Congressman from Alaska, the motto will again be Truth, Justice AND the American Way.
May 04